Les reprises de Tonton Gl1 – Proximity Special #2 (Eng.)

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Let’s discover the second year of Proximity’s musical recovery and see what happened in 2013. A year that reminds us how Daft Punk‘s last album is old, as it went out on May 2013.

Proximity exploded in 2013 with almost daily publications on Youtube. The first remix of the year was Jonsi‘s Around Us remix made by The Chainsmokers. These guys were preparing their 2014 ascension with Selfie, that contributed to boost their career. Yet simple, the remix is really not so bad and is quickly followed by Take me Home by Cash Cash, and Daughter‘s Medecine at the end of the year. Whereas the last one is definitely a great work, something is missing to qualify it as an excellent work. The original song was indeed reworked many times this year and not only by Proximity. Sound Remedy‘s version is a good example. But again, here is a lack of something bigger.

We had a lot of remix this year of 2013. Let’s try to talk about the most interesting ones so you are able to make your own opinion by the end of this article.

For example, let’s talk about Olly Murs‘s Army of Two, reworked by Kat Krazy.

A Groovy and complete work that makes you want to dance. Kat Krazy definitely brings the cool in the song. By the way, he recently produced a new remix of Ava Max, which is not bad at all ! (The remix, not the girl !) At the end of 2013, he did it again with a big remix of John Newman‘s Loosing Sleep song.

We can also talk about Cazzette as it is the year we start hearing about them, especially with their Beam me Up song and their link with Avicii that contributed to increase their popularity. They also realized a very powerful remix of Nikki Williams‘s Glowing track.

With that, they realized a quite good album. Okay, it was a three parts disc, with many differents versions of the same track, but the work was here. However, they’re not THAT famous. Why ? No one knows, but Gl1 discovered something.

When he attented the Electrobeach Music Festival in 2015 and had the chance to see Madeon, Zedd, Avicii… and also Cazzette, he realized there was a big problem.

After listening what we basically call « big fat Cazzette‘s songs », we were waiting for something special in their live set. But it was just disappointing. It was a soft and boring live set. If all their live performances are similar to the one they delivered at the EMF, it’s not surprising that the duo is not so famous. It is however, a real pity because there was a real potential to create something huge. Anyway, Cazzette live set is not something I recommend.

Let’s talk about another duo. A duo which started to create good vibes in 2012 and kept going in 2013. A duo that realized a very impressive version of Cazzette‘s Weapon. A duo called Vicetone. They also propose a beautiful cover of Matthew Koma‘s One Night although they did set the bar high the year before. It will not stop them from doing what became their ritual : the end of the year mix, available each years on Proximity‘s channel. And we love that.

Another duo that remixes another duo, it’s Cash Cash with Vicetone. And…WHAT A JEWEL ! Bloody hell, what a pleasure to listen to a progressive, very structured remix like this one. An amazing work !

I’ll go quickly on the following names. I trust you to go check them after as they are really worth listening to. First, the two remixes by Dzeko & Torres, the bomb dropped by Alex S. reworking Dead C.A.T Bounce, the hovering remix of Zedd‘s Sp3ctrum by The Lonely Astronaut, the umpteenth remix of Rudimental‘s Feel the love, by Kill Paris, who ended the year with a monstrous production with Sound Remedy and Alma, and why not Flume remix of Disclosure‘s You and Me. Let’s finish this list with Juventa and Estiva who edited a Tritonal song beautifully.

After those honorable mentions, let’s end with the three treasures of the year:

First, the orchestral version of Mako‘s Beam. Because we need more introductions that take time to set the mood and then explode. Then, Razihel. (How can we not talk about his work ?) So moving, so rythmic ! And the same year, Krewella‘s Come and Get It pasess under his fingers and became a masterpiece.

Finally, for a magistral ending, a remix that reflects its time while being powerful and mixing electro, dance and rythm: MatisyahuLive Like a Warrior (Richello remix). Through this song, Richello shows that he perfectly understood his era and that he knows how to use smartly what is trending. Thank you Richello for bringing this masterpiece to us.

And we’re done for 2013! We’ll keep going with 2014 in the next article ! Tell us which one you prefer and why, and share your remixes with us!, Bye !

All Proximity’s reworks of 2013

• 08/02/2013 : Jonsi – Around Us (The Chainsmokers Remix)

• 11/02/2013 : Olly Murs – Army of Two (Kat Krazy Remix)

• 13/02/2013 : Cazzette – Weapon (Vicetone Remix)

• 19/02/2013 : Archie – Kingdom ( Club Mix)

• 23/02/2013 : Animal Kingdom – Strange Attractor (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

• 12/03/2013 : Daughter – Medecine (Sound Remedy Remix)

• 17/03/2013 : Tommy Trash Vs. Pnau Vs. MGMT – Kids United (Tommy Trash Private Bootleg)

• 31/03/2013 : Dead C.A.T Bounce ft Emily Underhill – Nothing to Say (Alex S. Remix)

• 08/04/2013 : Daughter – Medecine (The Chainsmokers Remix)

• 15/04/2013 – Rudimental – Feel the Love (Kill Paris Remix)

• 01/05/2013 : Zedd – Sp3ctrum ( The Lonely Astronaut Remix)

• 06/05/2013 : Krewella – Come And Get IT (Razihel Remix)

• 08/05/2013 : Mako – Beam ( Mako Orchestral remix)

• 11/05/2013 : Black Tiger Sex Machine – Destroy It (Urban Contact Remix)

• 17/05/2013 : Matthew Koma – One Night (Vicetone remix)

• 26/05/2013 : Vicetone – Hearbeat (Cash Cash remix)

• 02/06/2013 : Nikki Williams – Glowing ( Cazzette Remix)

• 07/06/2013 : Kodaline – Love Like This (Fix8 Remix)

• 11/06/2013 : Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Synchronice Remix)

• 21/06/2013 : The S.O.S Band – Take your Time (Do it Right) (Solidisco Remix)

• 25/06/2013 : Brenton Mattheus – Overcome (SirensCeol Remix)

•27/06/2013 : Mutrix ft Charity Vance – Come Alive ( the Two Friends Remix)

• 06/07/2013 : Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts ( Dash Berlin Bootleg)

• 11/07/2013 : Matisyahu – Live Like a Warrior (Richello Remix)

• 13/07/2013 Disclosure – You&Me Flume Remix

• 21/07/2013 : Karra – Dream Catcher (Massive Vibes Remix)

• 11/08/2013 : James Young – Dark Star (Milkman Remix)

• 14/08/2013 : Zara Larsson – Uncover ( Jarlenn & Sebros bootleg)

• 16/08/2013 : Cash Cash fb Bebe Rexha – Take Me Home ( The Chainsmokers Remix)

• 22/08/2013 : Lest Be Friends – Manslaughter (VIP Mix)

• 08/09/2013 : Lemaitre – Sceptics (Club Mix)

• 19/09/2013 : Claire – Next Ones to Come ( Virtual Riot Remix)

• 02/10/2013 : 3Lau Paris & Simo – Escape (Culture Code Remix)

• 04/10/2013 : The Two Friends – Sedated (Barely Alive Remix)

• 25/10/2013 Kevin Drew – Summer Ashes (Culture Code Remix)

• 31/10/2013 : Moiez vs Daphne & Project 46 – Crime (3LAU remix)

• 14/11/2013 : Armin Van Buuren – This is what it fells like (Audien Remix)

• 27/11/2013 : John Newman – Losing Sleep (Kat Krazy Remix)

• 03/12/2013 : Imagine Dragons – Demons (Dzeko & Torres Remix)

• 11/12/2013 : Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Avicii Edit)

• 14/12/2013 : Tritonal – now or Never (Estiva & Juventa Remix)

• 17/12/2013 : Singularity – Rift (Electromagnetic Remix)

• 30/12/2013 : End of New Years Mix 2013 – Vicetone

J′aime J′adore Haha Wouah Triste Grrr